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Office Meeting

For Members

Join our community of thousands of GenZs that are working towards becoming the best versions of themselves. The membership has many benefits such as early access to all our events and discounted tickets!

4D Workshops

This is a chance for you to be in a room with 15-20 ambitious individuals for an intense session on chosen topics such as: personal finance, personal brand and investments.


Here at The Gen Z Club, we host monthly networking events that will encourage you to make connections, learn and develop into the best version of yourself!

What Our Members Say

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Jonathan Reid - Founder of Reidentify Co

The Gen Z Club is the place to be! I have met some incredible connections at their events and have learned so much along the way. This is a great movement that they are doing for the community!

Meeting Room Business

For Clients

From giving social media and product feedback, to helping you strategize a campaign that effectively targets GenZs, our team (and our Gen Z network of thousands) are here for consultations every little step of the way.


Ask our community network of over 4,000 Gen Zers what they really think about your brand. (Be prepared for their brutal honesty).

Implementation Services

Work with us to implement the detailed strategy that we have provided to ensure you maximise your results. This includes:

Workshops, Events, Webinars and Influencer Marketing Campaigns.

Consulting and Marketing

Launch an effective strategy to help your brand become the 'go to place' for GenZs in your industry. We cover:

Social media audits, brand positioning, campaign strategy and retainer services.

What Our Clients Say

Amelia, Founder of Zumo

Working with The Gen Z club allowed us to develop a greater insight as to what the next generation thinks of our services. We collaborated on an incredible event which resulted in us having more sign ups. Defo recommend!

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